WOD, Sept 16th


(10 MIN):
20 Cal Row, Bike, or Ski
20 Toe Touches
20 Arm Circles (10 Forward / 10 Back)
10 Lateral Lunges
10 Bear Hugs
10 Iron Cross
10 Scorpions
10 Cobra Press
10 Thread the Needle (5 Right / 5 Left)
5 Med Ball Front Squats (2 Sec Down / Drive Up)
5 Sit-ups
5 Empty Barbell Strict Press
5 Empty Barbell Push PressStrength Work(30 MIN):
Strict Press (WENDLER 5/3/1) – Cycle Two / Week Two Redo
3 set x 5 rep @ warm up weight (increase weight each set 55%, 60%, 65%)
1 set x 3 rep @ 70%
1 set x 3 rep @ 80%
AMRAP @ 90%

Front Squats
10 reps
8 reps
6 reps
4 reps
2 reps
*Athletes will start with 10 reps and build in weight. Athletes will then add weight and complete 8 reps and so on. Athletes can complete warm up sets before the 10 reps. Athletes control how heavy the weight gets.
*WOD Perspective: Push Press, #95/65 (50% of 1RM Push Press) / (Rx+: #115/80 – 62% of 1RM Push Press)
*Use the restroom and set up for the WOD by the end of strength


10 Push Press, #95/65 (Rx+: #115/80)
15 Sit-ups
20 Wall Balls, #20/14
(Score = Total Rds + Reps)


*Athletes will complete as many rounds and reps as possible
*Athletes will clean the bar from the floor for push press. Athletes should be in the front rack position, short dip, drive to full extension, with arms and legs locked out and head through arms.
*For Sit-ups, athletes need to lay back, TOUCH THE FLOOR WITH THEIR HANDS, and sit up to full spine extension, shoulders passing the hips, and TOUCH THEIR TOES.
*Each wall ball rep needs to have a full depth squat

WOD Movements:
*Push Press
Wall Balls

WOD Variations:
*Push Press
~~Double DB Push Press or Single DB Push Press
~~Russian Twists or Leg Raises
*Wall Balls
~~Med Ball Thruster
~~Single DB Thruster (Hold DB w/ Both Hands)