WOD, June 26th

(6 MIN):
200m Run or Row
10 Toe Touches
10 PVC Pass Throughs
10 PVC Good Mornings
10 Iron Cross
10 Scorpions
10 Cobra Press (Lay on stomach, push hands into floor until arms reach full extension)
10 Thread the Needle (5- Right / 5- Left)
5 Med Ball Deadlifts
5 Wall Balls
Strength Work
(18 MIN):
*5 sets x 3 reps Building To A Moderate / Heavy Weight
***Heaviest WOD Deadlift Weight, #275/185 (76% of 1RM)
~~After Set 1 Complete 4 Box Step-ups
~~After Set 2 Complete 4 Scap Pulls (Scale to Ring Rows)
~~After Set 3 Complete 4 Med Ball Box Step-ups
~~After Set 4 Complete 4 Ring Rows or Pull-ups
~~After Set 5 Complete 2 C2B AND 5 Plate Hops
For Time:
80 Wall Balls, #20/14
200m Run or 250m Row
5 Deadlift, #185/125
60 Plate Hops, #45/25
200m Run or 250m Row
5 Deadlift, #225/155
40 Med Ball Box Step-ups, 24/20; #20/14
200m Run or 250m Row
5 Deadlift, #275/185
20 C2B
200m Run or 250m Row
5 Deadlift, #275/185
*Athletes will complete the WOD for time.
*Athletes will need to add weight to the bar for Deadlifts. There will be two weight increases.
*For athletes not doing RX Deadlift weight, you will figure out heaviest weight, then subtract 30 pounds to determine the first weight jump, and then subtract another 30 pounds to determine starting weight. For example: Heaviest weight: #150 – #120 – #90. Starting weight would be #90.
*Athletes can hold the med ball in any way for med ball step ups. Athletes need to stand to full extension on top of the box.

Movement Variations:
*Wall Balls
~~Med Ball Thruster or Empty Barbell Thruster or Single DB Thruster (Holding with both hands)
~~Double DB Deadlift, KB Deadlift
*Plate Hops
~~Lateral Line Hops
*Med Ball Box Step-ups
~~Object Plate Step-ups
~~Pull-ups, Strict Banded PU, Jumping PU, Ring Rows, or Bent Over Rows
*200m Run or 250m Row
~~20 Down + Backs