WOD, JUNE 12th

steven snatches
(6 MIN):
200m Run / Row, 15 Cal Bike, or 20 Down + Backs
10 Toe Touches
10 PVC Pass Throughs
10 PVC Windmills
10 Iron Cross
10 Scorpions
10 HR Push-ups
10 Line Hops (Side to Side)
10 Lateral Lunges
10 Empty Barbell Strict Press
Strength Work
(24 MIN):
Snatch PVC Warm-up
5 PVC High Pulls (Short Dip, Full Hip Extension, Pull Elbows High
5 PVC Muscle Snatch (Short Dip, Full Hip/Leg Extensions, Elbows High, Turn Over)
5 PVC High Hang Power Snatch (Short Dip / Receive PVC in Power Position
5 PVC Low Hang Power Snatch (Dip / Hips + Shoulders (Above knee), Receive in Power Pos.)
Power Snatch
6 Sets x 2 Reps Building to a Moderate to Heavy Weight (65% – 85%)
***Reps DO NOT have to be unbroken
***Focus on form and technique
WOD PERSPECTIVE: #155/105 (85% of 1RM)
200m Run or 250m Row or 12 Cal Assault Bike or 20 Cal AirDyne Bike
2 Power Snatch, #155/105 (85% of 1RM)
6 Burpee Hop Hops
(Score = Total Rds + Reps)
200m Run or 250m Row or 12 Cal Bike or 20 Down + Backs
2 Power Snatch, #155/105 (85% of 1RM) or Alt. DB Snatch
4 HSPU or DB Strict Press
6 Burpee Hop Hops
(Score = Total Rds + Reps
*Athletes will complete as many rounds and reps as possible
*Athletes need to base snatch weight off of form and technique. This should be maintained throughout the entire WOD.
*Burpee Hop Hop: Athletes will do a burpee lateral to their barbell, hop over the bar, and then back. Athletes will be doing their burpees on only one side of the bar.
*Zoom athletes can always switch up a movement if needed
Movement Variations:
*Power Snatch
~~Alt DB Snatch (From the floor, both heads of the DB touch the ground) or KB Swings
~~Off of a box (knees or toes), DB Strict Press
*Burpee Hop Hops
~~Step in and out for the burpee, step over and back over the barbell/DB