We’re proud of all of you!

We are proud of each and every one of our athletes at CrossFit PFB. All of you have made so much progress since you first started. Every day one of you does something better than you did the last time. Whether it is progressing to doing band assisted pull-ups from jumping pull-ups and ring rows, putting up PR’s for CrossFit Total, or getting a few more reps without resting. 

CrossFit is hard, but anyone can do it! Every day that you come into the gym we know that you may be doing something in a WOD that you aren’t good at, dislike, or even downright hate. Every one of us has things that we aren’t good at. Whether you’re brand new to Crossfit, have been doing this for a couple of months, or even a five year veteran; we all have things that we don’t like doing because they are hard or we aren’t that great at them. All the more reason to practice those things when we can and discover our limits each and every day we are in the gym. 

To get better and to get more fit we all have to push ourselves to our limits and then choose to push the line another inch past what we think our limit is. We will help push you to your limits and then ask you to push yourself just a little further. 

Everyone has bad days. When you have a bad day or feel like you don’t have that much gas in the tank, give it all you’ve got, then give just a little more. Even if you don’t finish a WOD as prescribed, who cares! Did you give the WOD your best for that day? Did you move that line another inch? If you can answer yes to these questions, then who cares what everyone else on the white board did. Remember, you are competing against yourself and not everyone else on the board. 

All that said, we are proud of every single one of you and you should be just as proud of yourselves for having the courage to walk through the door.

Your friends and coaches,

Ben & Lyndi