Paleo Nutrition Seminar & 30 Paleo Challenge Kick-Off

What: Paleo Nutrition Seminar & 30 Paleo Challenge Kick-Off

When: Tuesday May 27th, 5:30-7:30pm

Where: CrossFit PaleoFitBox, 16536 SE 362nd Dr. Sandy, OR 97055

Cost: $20 for seminar and $5 for entry into the 30 Day Paleo Challenge*
*For those persons wanting to participate in the challenge the gym will cover your $5 entry fee! So, no excuses!!!

Join Cassie Kanable, NTP for an interactive and informative nutrition seminar designed to help you create a life-long, healthy relationship with food that will get you PRs both inside and outside the gym. Cassie will give you the information and resources you need to begin your new Paleo lifestyle or take it to the next level! At the seminar you’ll learn:

• How your food choices affect your digestion, metabolism, immune system, health, and longevity

• How certain food groups are negatively impacting how you look, feel, and perform

• What you should be noshing on to look, feel, and perform your best – while avoiding the monotony of calorie counting

• How to create balanced meals and snacks based on your goals

• The best ways to incorporate treats into your diet without compromising your health and fitness goals

Additionally, the seminar will detail the upcoming 30 Day Paleo Challenge hosted by CrossFit PFB. The 30 Day Paleo Challenge will kick-off on Monday, June 9th. With your registration, you will also receive a packet with additional resources, tips, and tricks on how to begin your new lifestyle. The packet is a basic outline of the covered material but please be prepared to take notes!

To sign up for the seminar please visit Seminar Registration

Cassie Kanable is the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner behind Stumptown Nutrition. She specializes in holistic
nutrition consulting as it pertains to fat loss, fueling for athletes, and digestive wellness. In addition to running several successful paleo/primal nutrition challenges at local CrossFit gyms, she also teaches seminars on digestion, nutrition for athletic performance, and the history and consequences of the Standard American Diet. Her passion is food – she is a chef by profession and loves to teach cooking classes. Cassie’s services include individual customized nutrition consultation, individual and group cooking classes, grocery store tours, pantry makeovers and interactive seminars. For more information “Like” Stumptown Nutrition on Facebook or check out For great foodie photos and tips follow Cassie on Instagram @stumptownnutrition and Pinterest @stumptownntp.