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Laree Wolfe is our head coach. Bios for coaches Jayne, Rachael, Danica, Sean, Micah, Charity, and Dan, will be posted soon!

Coach LareeLaree Wolfe – In 2010, I made a commitment to my overall well-being and have never looked back. Like many people weight has always been a struggle for me. At my heaviest, I was tipping the scales at 210 pounds and hated the image I saw in the mirror.

One day I finally decided that my weight was no longer going to control my life. Enough was enough. I realized I needed to clean up my eating and be consistent with exercising on a daily basis. I started using Weight Watchers and attended fitness classes at the gym. At the time, Weight Watchers was a great tool for me because it taught me to pay attention to my food consumption, but also allowed me to still enjoy food. In about a year’s time, I had lost 70 pounds and was feeling like a new woman.

A milestone in my fitness journey was the day I ran two miles without stopping. I could not believe how good I felt after running my first mile so I decided to run another. Little did I know this milestone would be the beginning of my running addiction. Running became a huge part of my life. I slowly transitioned from a person who could only run a couple miles into a runner. I fell in love with running because I felt unstoppable. This fitness experience introduced me to some of my lifetime friends and gave me the opportunity to participate in numerous races; including many half-marathons, obstacles courses, and the 2013 Portland Marathon.

Needless to say, during this time I also became a gym rat. I absolutely loved working out because I felt healthy and fit. I enjoyed challenging myself physically and striving to enhance my athletic performance. I also started teaching group fitness classes and loved motivating others through exercise.

In 2013, I first learned about CrossFit when my friend was looking for another teammate for a CrossFit competition to raise money for local police officer. Without really knowing what CrossFit was I quickly volunteered to fill the spot. My competition involved mini workouts consisting of deadlifts, wall balls, burpees, and so much more. I had a blast participating in the competition.

A few months later, I made one of the best decisions of my life and joined CrossFit PFB. I love how CrossFit focuses on cardio, gymnastic movements, and Olympic lifting. The workouts are NEVER boring! CrossFit has transformed me from a runner into an athlete. I have been able to expand my athletic abilities and can perform movements I never thought were personally possible. I have learned how to do pull-ups, toes to bar, and handstand push-ups. CrossFit has also taught me strength is beauty. Through Olympic lifting, I continue to get stronger and stronger.

My love for CrossFit inspired me to pursue my CrossFit Level 1 Certification. I am very passionate about CrossFit and wanted to share that through coaching. I enjoy teaching individuals the fundamental movements of CrossFit and watching them improve their movements over time. There is just something special about encouraging, motivating, and inspiring individuals to unleash their inner athlete!

  • CrossFit Level I Certified Trainer
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach