2014 Festivus Games

As you please

1k row for time -6 min cap
Once the running clock hits 6 minutes:
Athlete must establish a 1rm clean in 6 min

This will be scored as 2 separate WODs. The athlete may rest as needed after finishing row before the 6 min mark. If an athlete does not finished the row in the 6 min they will be penalized :01 for every METER under 1k

10 KB swing 53/35-int 35/26
20 sit ups
30 Box overs 24/20
8 min AMRAP

Score is reps

2 minutes max wallball 20/14-int  14/10-nov
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes max double unders/singles
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes max burpees

Score is total combined reps

Heat Assignments:

Ticket Type Attendee First Name Attendee Last Name Organization Name Lane #
Heat 1
Intermediate-Female Melodie Marquardt Crossfit PFB 1
Beginner-Female Sonja Herzog Crossfit Happy Valley 2
Beginner-Female Andrea Meissner Happy Valley Crossfit 3
Beginner-Female Courtney Truax CrossFit Happy Valley 4
Beginner-Female Rabecka Houfek IQ Natural, inc 5
Beginner-Female Gina Bousley Crossfit Cimmeria 6
Beginner-Female Heidi Sakellar CrossFit Cimmeria 7
Beginner-Female Michele Conditt Crossfit PFB 8
Beginner-Female Adrienne Lommasson Crossfit Happy Valley 9
Beginner-Female Sabrina Bender DragonFire Crossfit 10
Heat 2
Beginner-Female Arianna Garcia Crossfit Happy Valley 1
Beginner-Female Lisa Osborne CrossFit Happy Valley 2
Beginner-Female Sarah Gresham CrossFit Happy Valley 3
Beginner-Female Katie Navin Crossfit Cimmeria 4
Beginner-Female Heidi Salman CrossFit Happy Valley 5
Beginner-Female Kelly Layng Crossfit PFB 6
Beginner-Female Bree Roberts Crossfit Cimmeria 7
Beginner-Female Jaymie Carlson CrossFit Cimmeria 8
Beginner-Female Megan Briggs Crossfit PFB 9
Beginner-Female Cara Sterbis CrossFit Happy Valley 10
Heat 3
Beginner-Female Allison Sayre Crossfit Magnus 1
Beginner-Female Angela Orr Crossfit PFB 2
Beginner-Female Stephaney Bolton CrossFit Cimmeria 3
Beginner-Female Jody thompson CrossFit Happy Valley 4
Beginner-Female Tonya Robson Garage Ladies 5
Beginner-Female Melissa Obenchain Cross Fit Happy Valley 6
Beginner-Female Courtney Bender CrossFit Happy Valley 7
Beginner-Female DeAnn Riggs Iron Valley Crossfit 8
Beginner-Female Ricki Newbury CrossFit Happy Valley 9
Beginner-Female Danielle Martin CrossFit Happy Valley 10
Heat 4
Beginner-Female Amber Brown Crossfit Cimmeria 1
Beginner-Female Nicole Hobson 3-46 Grit 2
Beginner-Female Nicole Baker Garage Ladies Training 3
Beginner-Female Theresa Barney Inner Beast CrossFit 4
Beginner-Female Sarah (Code) Brown CrossFit Cimmeria 5
Beginner-Female Kayti Maxwell cross fit Boones ferry 6
Beginner-Female Sarah Hammel CrossFit Happy Valley 7
Beginner-Female CeCe LameBull CrossFit Happy Valley 8
Beginner-Female Lacey Schuppert Crossfit Boones Ferry 9
Beginner-Female Kim Coon Crossfit PFB 10
Heat 5
Beginner-Female Leah Powlison CrossFit Happy Valley 1
Beginner-Female Nicole Richardson 346-Grit Crossfit 2
Beginner-Female Lalita Marvin Crossfit Boonesferry 3
Beginner-Female Taylor thompson CrossFit Happy Valley 4
Beginner-Female Teresa Rowell CrossFit Cimmeria 5
Beginner-Female Tabitha Lovett Crossfit Cimmeria 6
Beginner-Female Janae McCarty CrossFitDragonfire 7
Beginner-Female Lisa Hanson Cross Fit PFB 8
Beginner-Female Amanda Dufresne-Belmore CrossFit Dragonfire 9
Beginner-Female Erika Baca Banks Country CrossFit 10
Heat 6
Intermediate-Female Nicole Triplett Crossfit Cimmeria 1
Intermediate-Female Samantha Crowley Crossfit Cimmeria 2
Intermediate-Female Tasia Beedle Crossfit PFB 3
Intermediate-Female Kristie Teeny Crossfit Cimmeria 4
Intermediate-Female Sasha Burke CrossFit Mt. Hood 5
Intermediate-Female Jennie Heidrick CrossFit Cimmeria 6
Intermediate-Female Michelle Craig Inner Beast Crossfit 7
Intermediate-Female Katie Lowell CrossFit PDX 8
Intermediate-Female Megan Cruickshank CrossFit PDX 9
Intermediate-Female Courtney “Wodkilla” Holbrook Crossfit Cimmeria 10
Heat 7
Intermediate-Female Laree Wolfe CrossFit PFB 1
Intermediate-Female Melissa Fisher Crossfit Cimmeria 2
Intermediate-Female Jayne Wolfe CrossFit PFB 3
Intermediate-Female Paula Jordan Crossfit Cimmeria 4
Intermediate-Female Angela Vandehey Crossfit Cimmeria 5
Intermediate-Female Kimberly Dodd Crossfit Happy Valley 6
Intermediate-Female Madeline Heacock Crossfit Cimmeria 7
Intermediate-Female Brittny Broome Crossfit Cimmeria 8
Intermediate-Female Crystal Stone CrossFit PDX 9
Intermediate-Female Diane Miller Crossfit Dragonfire 10
Heat 8
Intermediate-Female Katie Naugle Crossfit Cimmeria 1
Intermediate-Female Cheyenne Rahn Crossfit Dragonfire 2
Intermediate-Female Beth Rizer Crossfit Dragonfire 3
Intermediate-Female Ashley Conser Crossfit Cimmeria 4
Intermediate-Female Kelsey Smyth Festivus games 5
Intermediate-Female Tiah Petrucci CrossFit PFB 6
Beginner-Male Daniel Buck Crossfit Cimmeria 7
Beginner-Male Michael Gordon Crossfit Cimmeria 8
Beginner-Male Doug Newbury CrossFit Happy Valley 9
Beginner-Male David Marquand MOC Crossfit 10
Heat 9
Beginner-Male Jeremy Morse CrossFit Happy Valley 1
Beginner-Male Joshua Servo CrossFit Happy Valley 2
Beginner-Male Scott Baker Crossfit Cimmeria 3
Beginner-Male Alvin Sarracino Iron Valley CrossFit 4
Beginner-Male Rick Holbrook Crossfit Cimmeria 5
Beginner-Male Eugene Leschinsky MOC Crossfit 6
Intermediate-Male Brad Nutting CrossFit PFB 7
Intermediate-Male Ryan Haas Crossfit PDX 8
Intermediate-Male Daniel Davis Crossfit PFB 9
Intermediate-Male Kevin Wegener Crossfit PDX 10
Heat 10
Intermediate-Male Kory Klure Mt. Tabor Crossfit 1
Intermediate-Male Joshua Castaneda Crossfit Cimmeria 2
Intermediate-Male Dustin Beedle CrossFit PFB 3
Intermediate-Male Mark Cruickshank CrossFit PDX 4
Intermediate-Male Mitchal Sena-Cary Crossfit Happy Valley 5
Intermediate-Male Bobby Vongkhamchanh Mt Tabor Crossfit 6
Intermediate-Male Brian Gresham CrossFit Happy Valley 7
Intermediate-Male Ed Miller Crossfit Dragonfire 8
Intermediate-Male Adam Oliver Crossfit PFB 9
Intermediate-Male Jeff York Crossfit PDX 10