Thursday 18 Oct, 2012

“While the other kids are noshing away on mayonnaise-filled egg salad sandwiches, your little kiddies will happily munch away on their egg-salad lunch filled with health fat.

Which kids do you think will be better fueled to tackle an afternoon full of advanced algebra: the mayonnaise-and-bread kids or the avocado-plantain-chip children?” Check out this link for a great recipe for a healthy lunch for your kids: Egg-Salad Lunch  – Courtesy of the CrossFit Journal.

Now the WOD:

Tabata Row
3 rounds for max distance possible
Row 8x[20 sec work, 10 sec rest]
1 min Rest

We would like to welcome Chris to a fine tabata rowing workout at CrossFit PFB! We hope to see you again soon!

Sheila 1936 meters
Jay 2422 meters
Pat 2325 meters
Chris 2435 meters