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Workout Of the Day

Saturday 27 Oct, 2012

Friday 26 Oct, 2012

6 rounds for time of:
15 x Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1 pood
15 x Med Ball Clean #20/14
400m Run

Pat (#35 KB) 29:39

Thursday 25 Oct, 2012

15-12-9 for time of:
Push Press #135/95
Row for Cal
Ring Dips

Pat (#95) 18:23
Chris (#105) 20:26

Wednesday 24 Oct, 2012

5 rounds
50-40-30-20-10x reps

Lexi (Singles, 1/2 num Situps) 12:00
Sheila (Singles) 16:46
Lyndi (Rx’d) 11:37
Ben (Rx’d) 7:30

Tuesday 23 Oct, 2012

“CrossFit Total”
Back Squat

Warm-up as needed, then in no more than three attempts per lift, try an hit your 1 rep max for each.

Chris 135-205-275, Total: 615
Pat 95-165-250, Total: 515
Lyndi 85-185-225, Total: 495

Saturday 20 Oct, 2012

For time:
Sprint 100m
83x OH walking lunge steps (#45/25 plate)
70x Squats
35x Push-press (#95/65)
Sprint 100m
15x Thrusters (#95/65)
83x Walking lunge steps (no weight)
35x Burpees
35x Wall ball (#20/14)
Sprint 100m
70x Double unders
Sprint 100m

Lyndi (Rx’d) 39:56
Ben (Rx’d) 25:00

Friday 19 Oct, 2012

I started my journey as a CrossFitter in July of 2007. Five plus years later it has changed my life, become a part of who I am and what I do. This article “The New Good Old Days of CrossFit” by Darrell “Bingo” White in the CrossFit Journal explains exactly why I still love this stuff, why I am now an affiliate owner, and why I get excited everytime we see a new face come into the gym.  –  Ben

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Front Squat #155/105

Lyndi (Rx’d) 12:21

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