WOD, 21 Feb

For time:
Run 400 meters
21 L-Pull-ups
21 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters
15 L-Pull-ups
15 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters
9 L-Pull-ups
9 Handstand push-ups

“I Cheated.”
I overheard this in the locker room the other day. 
“You did so good, I cheated; I used a band”
If you used a band, did push ups from your knees, did jumping MUs or lighter weights YOU DID NOT CHEAT!
You scaled. And scaling is not cheating. 
Cheating is purposefully not getting the right ROM because you want to crank out reps faster.
Cheating is when you skip a few reps here or there, just so you don’t fall behind the athlete next to you.
Cheating is when you write down a better time on the board, so you can feel like you are at the top of your class.
Cheating is when you use bands when you can easily do them Rx’d, just so you don’t get tired.
Cheating is not scaling.
So for everyone who is new or an old schooler – just know, when you scale, you aren’t cheating. 
You shouldn’t feel bad because you can’t do all of the movements – you shouldn’t feel like a cheat. 
We all come together at different ability levels, with different ranges of motion, different strengths and different weaknesses. 
Scaling so you can push yourself at your level is not cheating, it is training smart. 
So please don’t think you are a cheater, because you aren’t, you are awesome.

– Courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/journalMENU