Seminar: Nutrition & Supplementation for Athletic Performance

nutrition for athletic performance

Seminar: Nutrition & Supplementation for Athletic Performance
with Cassie Kanable of Stumptown Nutritional Therapy
Date: Thursday February 5th, 2015, 5:45-7:45pm
Location: CrossFit PFB, Sandy, OR
Cost: $35.00
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Tired of being confused about nutrition and athletic performance?
Then join Cassie Kanable, NTP for an interactive and informative nutrition seminar designed to debunk the myths around nutrition for athletes and set you up with a solid formula that will improve your performance and help you meet your fitness & body composition goals. This nutrition workshop is for people who are already familiar with the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and would like to know more about how to fuel for athletic training and events.
This seminar is for you if you:
· Want to lean out while maintaining strength and stamina
· Take your sport seriously
· Care about your performance in the gym
· Spend more than five hours a week involved in your sport (including things like warm-up time and active recovery)
· Have sacrificed other things to accommodate your training
· Are tired of feeling like you’re training a ton, but your performance isn’t great
· Are experienced in your sport, but you’ve not tried to clean up your nutrition yet
· Have tried to eat cleaner, but you feel lost
· Compete in your sport or you want to start competing
· Have realized you can’t out-train your crappy diet
· Have a cabinet full of pre and post workout supplements and have no idea if they really work

If you want to be a higher-performing athlete, the type of food you eat has an impact on your athletic output and on your recovery.The focus of this seminar is to reduce your dependence on processed foods and get back to eating real, nutrient dense food that nourishes the body and fuels your athletic endeavors. Cassie will give you the information and resources you need to begin your new lifestyle and take your nutrition and performance to the next level! At the seminar you’ll learn:

· How your food choices affect your athletic performance, digestion, metabolism, immune system, health, and longevity
· How certain food groups are negatively impacting how you look, feel, and perform
· All about macros:
o How to bust through carb confusion – learn the who, what, where, when are why of carb fueling for athletes
o How to utilize protein as an essential macronutrient for growth, repair and recovery
o How to become a fat-burner! Fat is a dense and efficient source of energy
· What you should be noshing on to look, feel, and perform your best – while avoiding the monotony of calorie counting
· How to create balanced meals and snacks based on your goals
· How to properly use supplementation to boost health and athletic performance

With your registration, you will also receive a packet with additional resources, tips, and tricks on how to begin your new lifestyle. The packet is a basic outline of the covered material but please be prepared to take notes!