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At PFB we all encourage and challenge each other in everything we do. We welcome fitness newcomers and veterans, alike, as members, and love to host drop-in travelers from CrossFit boxes and barbell clubs around the world.


CrossFit Class

CrossFit classes are held 6 days a week. During the week we begin at 6am, and each day’s programming is both unique and tailored to meet the skill-development needs* of PFB athletes. Our membership roster includes elite athletes, developing athletes, athletes recovering from work or personal injuries, and “woo, I made it in to class after work today!” athletes.

Throughout the year a number of PFB members and coaches challenge themselves to compete at CrossFit events throughout the Pacific Northwest. Each fall PFB also hosts the Festivus—For The Rest Of Us! competition for novice athletes, cheered-on and supported by the advanced “Rx” athletes.

We introduce newcomers to CrossFit in our ongoing Fundamentals classes. If you’re an experienced CrossFitter and are interested in joining us, we’d love to have you. If you’re new to fitness or just to CrossFit, and find yourself intrigued, allow us to tempt you with more…

*Don’t worry, running in the PNW winter’s ice and rain are not skills we consider “in need” of development. 😉


Coach Laree Competition

There is nothing that will develop strength, speed, power, and explosivity better than Olympic-style weightlifting. Unlike “powerlifting,” Olympic style weightlifting uses your full body in movement to get a weighted barbell from the ground to overhead. If a platform stacked with kilo plates is your happy-place, we’ve got you covered!


portioned meals

Fitness and nutrition go hand and hand. Our members have goals and dietary priorities (not just paleo!) that run the gamut. We offer coached macros counting, and have an InBody scanner to provide metrics for each person to set and track their unique goals against.

To help members reach their goals, we also work with a local healthy meals provider to support our too-busy or culinary-challenged members with healthy, macros-measured meals available to order, and delivered to our fridge, weekly*.

1:1 Coaching

For members wanting to give a little extra love to a certain area, or to hone their skills outside the class environment, 1:1 coaching is also available to build mobility, gymnastics, weightlifting, or cardio skills.


For busy parents, we are kid friendly and you are more than welcome to bring your little ones with you when you come to workout. We have a designated “kid zone” in our open-layout gym, on the opposite side of the floor from where workouts happen; and the kids are just as much a part of our family, as the parents.

Please visit our Facebook page or our Instagram, if you want to learn more about us or our community.