(8 MIN):
200m Run or Row
10 Toe Touches
10 Arm Circles (5 Forward / 5 Back)
10 Russian Kicks
10 Bear Hugs
10 Squats (2 Sec Down / Drive Up)
10 Iron Cross
10 Scorpions
10 Cobra Press
10 Med Ball Step-ups
20 DU or Singles
Strength Work
(15 MIN):
Deadlift (WENDLER 5/3/1)
3 set x 5 rep @ warm up weight (increase weight each set 55%, 65%, 70%)
1 set x 5 rep @ 75%
1 set x 3 rep @ 85%
AMRAP @ 95%

***Please make sure you have used the restroom and have set up for the WOD by the end of strength

For Time:
50 Wall Ball, #20/14 (Rx+: #30/20)
100 Sit-ups
200 DU
400m Run Partner Relay
200 DU
100m MedBall Carry Partner Relay, #20/14 (Rx+: #30/20)
50 Box Step Ups w/ Med Ball, 24/20 / #20/14 (Rx+: #30/20)
*Teams of Two will complete the WOD for time.
*Partners will share reps as desired, as one partner works at a time.
*400m Partner Run Relay: Partner A will run a 400m and then Partner B will run a 400m.
*100m MedBall Carry Partner Relay: Partner A will complete a 100m MedBall carry and then Partner B will do the same. ‘
*The 400m and 100m both have to be completed by Partner B before moving onto the next movement.
*Med Ball can be held any way for the 100m Carry and Med Ball Step ups
Movement Descriptions:
Med Ball Step Ups: Holding the med ball any way, athletes will step up onto the box, stand to full hip and knee extension. Athletes do not have to alternate legs.
*SIT-UPS NEED TO BE TO STANDARD, especially those doing the Rx+ and Rx version. Athletes need to lay back, TOUCH THE FLOOR WITH THEIR HANDS, and sit up to full spine extension, shoulders passing the hips, and TOUCH THEIR TOES.
Movement Variations:
*Wall Balls
~~Med Ball Thruster or Goblet Squats
~~Russian Twists
~~Singles (200 / Do not double)
*400m Run
~~500m Row or Ski
*Box Step Ups w/ Med Ball
~~Plate Step Ups w/ Med Ball or Box/Plate Step Ups (No ball)