National Law Enforcement Week, Hero WOD, May 16th

10 Down + Backs
20 Toe Touches
20 Trunk Rotations
20 Standing High Knees
20 Arm Circles (10 Forward / 10 Back)
10 Forward or Reverse Lunges
10 Iron Cross
10 Scorpions
10 Cobra Press + 10 Sec Hold (Last Rep)
10 Deadbug (5 – Right / 5 – Left)
30 Sec Seated Straddle
30 Butterfly Stretch
30 Sec Child’s Pose
Strength Work
Every Minute On The Minute:
*2 Clean + Jerks
(Weight Perspective: 77.50% of 1RM)
On 12/25/16, Oregon State Police Trooper Nic Cederberg was critically wounded with life threatening injuries after being shot multiple times by a murder suspect. The suspect had just killed his estranged wife, and thanks to the heroic work by Trooper Cederberg and officers from multiple agencies, the suspect was stopped, and the threat to the rest of the community was terminated.
Trooper Cederberg was in ICU for several days at OHSU and has gone through multiple surgeries, with more to come. Trooper Cederberg has a very long road to recovery ahead of him both mentally and physically. When one of our law enforcement officers is critically injured, it hurts us all. Trooper Cederberg nearly lost his life, protecting us all, when he considers it as just doing his job.
Along with working for the Oregon State Police, Trooper Cederberg also served our country in the United States Army. Trooper Cederberg is a 7 year veteran of the Oregon State Police. Trooper Cederberg’s wife, Officer Hayley Shelton, also serves our community in law enforcement and works for the Portland Police Bureau, working in the North Precinct. She has also worked in law enforcement for 7 years.
Police Officers and Deputies walk into danger every single day they put on the uniform. Every situation is unknown. Police Officers and Deputies risk their lives every day when they conduct a traffic stop, respond to a welfare check, traffic crash, theft in custody, disturbance, suicidal threat, or domestic violence. Every call, no matter the type of call, is a risk. Thank you all for putting your life on the line to protect and serve!
In Teams of Two, 32 Min AMRAP:
12 Clean + Jerks, #185/135
25 Burpees Over The Bar
20 Pull-ups
16 Thrusters, #115/75
***Every 7 minutes, partners must stop and complete 10 DB or KB Farmer’s Carry Down+Backs (10ft – Down = 1 rep / Back = 1 rep)
(Total Rds+Reps)
12 Burpees onto plate, #45/35
25 DU
20 Sit-ups
16 OH Walking Lunges, #45/35
*Athletes have two options for the WOD. There is a partner WOD and individual WOD that has been signed in honor of Nic Cederberg.

*Clean + Jerks: Single or DB DB Clean + Jerk
*BOTB: Burpee over DB
*Pull-ups: Bent Over Row or DB Strict Press
*Thrusters: DB Thruster or Jump Squats