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Got Questions?

We’ve probably got an answer! If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


You can start CrossFit Fundamentals for only $60 and attend the first week before committing. If you want to stick around and continue past the first week, we will credit the $60 towards your first month membership and charge your card for the remaining balance. This will allow you to complete the Fundamentals Course and attend regular CrossFit classes after completing the Fundamentals course.

After graduating, you will be physically and mentally ready and to attend any of our regularly scheduled CrossFit group classes. We look forward to meeting you and getting you started towards a new life and level of fitness. Learn more about what exactly CrossFit is.

We do not offer punch cards.

Achieving fitness and ultimately increasing wellness takes committing more than once or twice a week to working out. We have found that offering punch cards only lends towards individuals having an excuse to not make the time to get in the gym and workout.

If your idea of working out is the occasional once or twice a week trip to the gym, then please find a membership at a “Big Box Gym” where they do not care if you show up. Here at CrossFit PFB we do care if you show up and are committed to you. We expect you to commit to us and ultimately to yourself as well. Make fitness a part of your life, not an inconvenience!

Getting Started

Our coaches were in the same exact boat as you, when they started—don’t let that be your excuse for not getting your life, vitality, and health back. You do not need to be “in shape”, or “get in shape” before starting CrossFit training. Everything we do is infinitely scalable for everyone. Even in the group classes we can and will scale the workout for each individual as necessary.

As you grow and develop and gain strength and stamina you’ll find after some hard work, commitment, and time that you are doing the workouts as designed and chasing your own personal records (PR’s). Seriously, we’re a fun and inclusive group—we’d love to have you come take your first steps in a new fitness journey, with us!

New members with previous CrossFit experience that can demonstrate that they are already experienced and proficient in the core movements will be allowed to bypass the fundamentals course at the sole discretion of the head coach. Introduce yourself, here, if this describes you and you’d like to get started.

How we roll

When you show up we ask for only a few things of you:

  • Come committed to work hard
  • Leave your ego at the door
  • Learn
  • Encourage others
  • Know & respect your body’s limits—don’t get hurt!
  • Most of all, have fun!

Bring them with you! Our gym is kid friendly; little ones can play safely in our “Kid Zone,” and older ones can kick it on one of our comfy couches pretending to do homework, while you train. Many of our athletes bring their kids, so yours will likely have company, too!

That’s great! We have “Open Gym” blocks in the morning, afternoon, and early evening, Monday through Friday, for folks to come in and do their own thing on their own time.

The rear part of the workout floor is typically used by folks doing Open Gym, and all equipment not in use by a class at that same time, is available for Open Gym participants.

PFB extends to Paleo Fit Box. “Paleo” is a nutrition choice our friends and the gym’s founders Ben and Lyndi Boyce found to be personally rewarding, and “Box” is CrossFit nomenclature for a simple, no-frills, garage-style gym. Our comfy couches and kid zone probably violate the original intent of that use of the word “box,” but we don’t have a spa, showers, or even a receptionist—so figure we’re still good.

At a regular gym you’re on your own with all of the machines and weights. Here at CrossFit PFB every class is led by a familiar coach and filled with other athletes who support and encourage each other’s unique accomplishments, challenges, goals, weaknesses, and strengths.

At a regular gym, you also work-out largely among strangers all floating around in their own bubbles. Employees are available to answer questions; instructors teach their classes; trainers, train their clients. At a CrossFit “box” you’re among friends, and at PFB we also coach members in nutrition and supplementation needs.

Can’t make a specific class but still need to work-out? No problem, come to an open-gym slot! You can do a WOD from the previous day, stretches, accessory work… anything you want, with any of the equipment not in use by a concurrent class.

Our head coach programs the Workout Of the Day (WOD) for all of our athletes. Coaches familiar with each athlete’s needs and attentive to their unique goals guide each class through the WOD. Popular programs at regular gyms typically use isolation based movements and exercises with cardio work injected to up the intensity. CrossFit focuses on functional movements rather than isolating individual muscles for “sculpting”.

Many popular programs at regular gyms are short term by design. CrossFit is a lifestyle with the intent to take you down a road of fitness and self improvement for the rest of your life, not just to look good in your bikini for the coming summer. See our page about what CrossFit is, to learn more.

Will CrossFit help you look better naked? Absolutely, but if bodybuilding is what you are looking for then CrossFit isn’t for you. Lastly, at many regular gyms their main focus is getting you in the door. What you do inside their gym is an afterthought. Here at CrossFit PFB what you do inside the gym and your nutrition choices outside the gym is our entire focus.

Not at all! We advocate to members “think about how you eat, then try to make wise choices.” Fanatics are exhausting. We try not to be fanatical about anything. Workouts should exhaust you, not the gym owner’s passion.

So, why the name?

Ben and Lyndi Boyce, our friends and the gym’s founders, discovered a change to the Paleo diet and lifestyle to be transformative and important to them. As such, they named their business “Paleo Fit Box.” Ben and Lyndi having since left both Sandy and CrossFit for new adventures, we (the WolfePack) are in the process of re-branding/naming the box to something that is meaningful to us.

We encourage all our members to seek and adopt nutrition choices that they can realistically sustain. Some of our members are vegan, others are mostly carnivorous. Most are somewhere in between, and a few are young enough to get away with simply not caring. Emphasis on “get away with.” They get a heavy dose of side-eye from us, of course. 😉

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