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HOME WOD, April 7th

Athletes should spend 6 to 10 minutes warming up, then:
3 Rounds with a light set of DB’s of…
-20 DB High Pulls
-20 DB Overhead Presses
-10 Planche Push Ups with a 5 second negative (down)
DB High Pulls – youtube.com/watch?v=BJdROwz4qeQ
DB Overhead Presses – youtube.com/watch?v=M2rwvNhTOu0
Planche Push Ups – youtube.com/watch?v=odcPqBOlJhI
Strength Work
4 sets of…

-12 Alternating Flat DB Press each arm (Holding opposite arm in support) with Heavy DB set

Immediately Into

-Max Band Resisted Push Ups

-Rest 2 Minutes

Notes: Record lowest set of max band resisted Push ups

12 Minute AMRAP
4 Burpees
6 Weighted Lunges
8 Jump Overs/Plate Hops/KB Swings
(Score = Total Rds+Reps)
*Goal: 8+ rounds
For this workout you will go through the 4 burpees, 6 alternating unweighted lunges, and 8 jump overs for 12 minutes.
For the burpees you may do regular, knee push up burpees, no push up burpees, or even an elevated burpee!
The lunges should be unweighted and alternating. This means you end up doing 6 per leg per round. These may be forward stepping, reverse stepping, or walking lunges. Make sure you take a long enough step each time that the front heel stays down, with the knee out, when the back knee lightly touches (or comes close). Keep the chest up and drive through the heel to stand completely between reps. You can even use a little bench, box or wall for assistance.
If you are unable to lunge you may swap out single leg alternating toe touches (like a single leg deadlift with no weight) – or alternating step ups.

For the Dumbbell/KB hop over you will stand facing the Dumbbell/KB and jump over it. Then you will turn around and jump back over the object. You can scale to a line if you are intimidated to go over something. You can also sub a little skip over.

If you are performing the plate jump you will jump with two feet onto the plate – make sure you get your whole foot on the plate. Then step down. You can even sub a little skip if you want.
If you are not able to jump the sub today is a KB swing. For the swings you will hold the weight with both hands at the waist. Feet are about shoulder width apart. Heels are down. Hinge forward at the hips and bend the knees slightly. Keep the chest lifted and heels down. Belly tight and arms straight. Pull the weight back through the legs. Stand up HARD and FAST to make the bell weightless and then (keeping the belly tight) guide the weight to shoulder height.
Allow gravity to bring it back down and back between the legs. Don’t allow it to pull you forward. Keep those heels down!

Ideal weight for Men: Single 25-50# KB/DB
Ideal weight for Women: Single 12-30# KB/DB

Russian Banded Twists:
50 Reps each side


Notes: Can also perform this movement with no band and move a wall ball/Kettlebell/Dumbbell back and forth. Each side is considered 1 rep. Keep feet elevated off ground while performing the twist, if possible.