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Team Comp Update #6

Awesome job this week everyone! As you can see we’ve had some significant changes to the leaderboard. This shows you the game isn’t over till it’s over. Two more WODs to go! Keep up the hard work, teamwork, and coordination within your teams. Have an awesome Thanksgiving and we’ll see some of you Friday and Saturday.

Team #4 “WOD Eaters”: 78.27
Team #5 “Snatch’em By Surprise”: 96.82
Team #2 “4 Chicks & A Dick”: 98.24*
Team #7 “The WOD Balls”: 105.32
Team #3 “Callus Blood”: 120.65
Team #6 “Killer WOD Squad”: 122.94
Team #1 “WOD Mob”: 125.23

*Team #2 was able to drop their score by 2 points by all team members at the same class.

(The above scores are contingent upon Faith and Fritz completing their burpees this week.)

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