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"Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity over broad time and modal domains." -- Greg Glassman
All skill levels welcomed, encouraged, cheered for, and nurtured.
Coaches committed to you; sweating, smiling, and working hard alongside you.
Strength is beauty
Beauty is in the execution
Kids are part of the PFB family, too!
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WOD, May 26th

(10 MIN):
200m Row, 30 DU, Singles, or Jacks
20 Toe Touches
20 Arm Circles (10 Forward / 10 Back)
20 Russian Kicks
10 Bear Hugs
10 Lateral Lunges
10 Banded Pull Aparts
10 Iron Cross
10 Scorpions
10 Thread the Needle (5 – Right / 5 – Left)
5 Russian Baby Makers
5 Light DB or EB Strict Press
5 Squats
Strength Work
(20 MIN):
Back Squats
3 sets x 5 reps @ a moderate weight
*8 Split Squats (4 – Right / 4 – Left) after each set

Goblet Squats
3 sets x 5 Tempo Reps (5 Seconds Down, 3 Sec Hold, 1 Sec Drive Up)
*8 Split Squats (4 – Right / 4 – Left) after each set

***Athletes will do at least two warm-ups sets and then do 3 x 5 back squats at a moderate weight
***After each set, athletes will do 8 Split Squats. Athletes can do body weight or hold DB

For Time:
Cal Row
Wall Balls, #20/14
***After each round complete 30 DU
*Athletes will complete WOD for time
*Athletes can make necessary modifications

Movement Variations:
*Cal Row:
~Cal Bike or Burpees
~30 sec plank, 20 Sec Plank, 10 Sec Plank
*Wall Balls
~Light Thrusters (Single DB held with both hands or Empty Barbell or Med-ball)
~60 Singles, 30 Line Hops, or 30 Jumping Jacks